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About Provillus Hair Regrowth Treaments

For the past 15 years Provillus has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of herbal supplements, liquid formulas, and capsule products focused on restoring hair growth.vOur products are made from finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available and all of our raw materials must pass stringent quality controls before they are utilized. Provillus products are manufactured using the US Federal Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices.

Provillus Quality Control


Prior to production all raw materials are tested for purity. Throughout the production process quality control engineers have the authority to reject any product that does not adhere to our strict quality standards. During the manufacturing process every step is documented and reviewed by quality control specialists.

To ensure the absence of any contamination during the manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment is maintained and cleaned on a predetermined schedule. All inspections are documented in company logs for review by the Department of Agriculture.

Additionally the following steps are taken to ensure quality control:

Product analysis

This analysis contains the specific components of the herbal product including a lot number for each of the ingredients and the production methods used.


Raw materials

All of the raw materials in our products come with a Certificate of Analysis provided by the supplier. Additionally our in house quality assurance team analyzes the raw materials for authenticity upon delivery to ensure the shipments match the Certificate of Analysis provided by the supplier.

Packaging material

All new labels are cross checked with the original master label to ensure there has been no mistakes during the printing process.

Lot Numbers

Once an order request has been received a complete list of raw materials is entered in the production records and a lot number is assigned. The raw materials are subsequently released to the pharmacy once all products have been checked for authenticity.

Manufacturing Guidelines

To ensure the highest quality control Provillus also adheres to the following manufacturing guidelines:

Blending and Granulation

Prior to production all equipment used for in the process of mixing and granulation is inspected by the director of operations. Raw materials are then inspected for the final time and the lots are then processed according to the strict guidelines for each herbal product. Following granulation and blending the powder blends are stored in specifically designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination.

Encapsulation and Compression

Once a test unit has been processed a sample unit is sent to quality assurance to be compared to the control samples to insure product integrity. Once the new unit has been approved by quality assurance the full line production may begin. Quality assurance inspections are conducted using set protocols for the capsules. As with the blending and granulation process the capsules are stored in specifically designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination.


The production of liquid products follows the same stringent protocols as the production of capsules previously detailed.

Packaging and Inspection


The quality control staff inspects the final product and broken tablets, over filled capsules, and other defective finished products are removed from the lot. Products released by the quality control staff are subsequently either packaged for bulk storage or bottled and labeled for consumer use. Product labels contain the appropriate information as required by the Federal Drug Administration and batch numbers are logged.

The quality control unit also retains samples of raw materials for one year past the expiration date of the last product they are used in and finished products for one year past the product expiration date are maintained under control conditions.

Final Products

Finished products are stored in a climate controlled environment.

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